About Me

  • I have been working on perception, prediction and planning algorithms for autonomous driving since 2018. Before that, I have experience on recommender system and transfer learning. Currently, my research interest mainly focus on: (1) multi-modal perception and motion understanding, (2) transfer learning for generalization, (3) large-scale autonomous mapping, with their deployment and applications to autonomous driving and broader robotics problems.

  • Currently I am a R&D on Prediction at Meituan Autonomous Deliver. Before joining Meituan in 2020, I have served at Momenta.ai and DeepMotion.ai, working on shape analysis(pole/lane detection) and decision & planning.

  • I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2018. During my undergraduate study, I have had several research internship finished, namely working on recommender system and time series understanding at National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition@CASIA, applying transfer learning to large-scale face retrieval at Multimedia Laboratory@CUHK, and developing framework toolkit at Systems and Networking Research Group@MSRA.